What we can do for you

Here is a list of the things we do.

  • Liaise with CCGs, GPC/BMA, the Local Area Team and Public Health on all matters affecting general practice and act in the best interests of Manchester GPs, e.g. negotiation on Enhanced Services provided by GP practices, legal views.
  • Work with CCGs, the Local Area Team and Local Authority Public Health to improve the quality of health care provision in primary care
  • Work via the Association of LMCs in Greater Manchester, on aspects of NHS arrangements in Greater Manchester, which have implications for general practice
  • Provide the means of entry to Medico/ Political Scene – subscribing to an LMC enables principals to take part in GPC elections
  • Provide the opportunity for GP subscribers to attend LMC meetings as observers and to serve on relevant working parties.
  • Provide an opportunity for GPs to influence the development of local policies
  • Offer support and confidential advice to GPs on
    • complaints procedures
    • concerns about GP performance
    • any disputes between the GP/practice and the CCG/Area Team, e.g. QOF disputes.
  • Provide opportunity to attend LMC seminars designed specifically for general practice (e.g. effective meetings/negotiation skills/presentation skills, etc., free of charge)
  • Provide the opportunity to attend LMC Open evening meetings for all Manchester GPs on current topics (usually 2 – 3 per year)
  • Encourage personal and professional development of GPs
  • Provide a general advisory service on all aspects of GPs’ contractual obligations and signpost to appropriate organisations.

    We also provide an important pastoral role and have a Confidential Advisory Service, which can offer support and advice on the following:

    • GPs who have been suspended
    • referrals to GMC
    • supporting practices dealing with patient complaints
    • GPs whose performance give NHS England Area Team cause for concern
    • GPs whose performance give their partners cause for concern
    • partnership issues and disputes
    • GPs undergoing issues with indemnity cover
    • practice list issues.
  • Subscription to Manchester LMC will allow access to the LMC Buying Groups Federation.

This list is not exhaustive. If you need help or advice in any area please contact us and if we can’t help directly we will be able to signpost you.