Meet the Manchester LMC officers

Dr Tracey J Vell MBEDr TJ Vell Photo

Chief Executive

Practice: Surrey Lodge Group Practice, Victoria Park

LMC Representation: PCAG/GPAG, LCO Clinical Advisory Group,

GM Resilience Programme, GP Excellence Operational Group

LMC History:

  • GP Registrar representative October 1994 – August 1995
  • LMC Member since September 1995
  • Executive Member since September 1998
  • Vice Chair September 2002 – August 2006
  • Chairman September 2006 – August 2010
  • Acting Hon. Secretary October 2013 – August 2014
  • Chief Executive since September 2014

Dr Umar TahirDr U Tahir Photo


Practice: Manchester Medical, Moss Side
LMC Representation: Mental Health Clinical Reference Group,

LCO Partnership Forum, LCO Social Partnership/Operational Structures Sub-Group,

MHCC Clinical Committee

LMC History:

  • Member since September 2014
  • Executive Member since November 2015
  • Chairman since September 2018

Dr Vish MehraDr V Mehra Photo

Vice Chair

Practice:West Point Medical Centre, Levenshulme

LMC Representation: Area Prescribing Committee, Primary Care Standards
LMC History:

  • Freelance GP representative from October 2007 – September 2008
  • Member since April 2009
  • Executive Member since September 2010
  • Vice Chair since September 2014

Dr Stephen J DeanDr S Dean Photo

Hon. Treasurer

Practice: Five Oaks Family Practice, Beswick
LMC Representation: Information Strategy Advisory and Governance Group,

IM&T Steering Group, Manchester Care Record/EPACS
LMC History:

  • GP Registrar representative from March 1996 – July 1996
  • Member since February 1998
  • Executive Member since September 2002
  • Hon. Treasurer since September 2002