Locum/Freelance GPs

Manchester LMC is funded by a levy, which is paid by the majority of GP practices in Manchester.
Freelance GPs are encouraged to subscribe to Manchester LMC at a nominal cost of £100 per annum. The benefits to subscribers are listed below.
On behalf of subscribing freelance GP subscribers, the LMC will:-

  • Endeavour to establish a close link between practices and Freelance GPs in Manchester.
  • Address areas of shared concerns – if they have general application, the LMC will take a proactive role.
  • Provide an opportunity for freelance GPs to influence the development of local policies.
  • Answer queries and provide a general advisory service and signpost to appropriate organisations.
  • Offer support and advice before, during and after complaints procedures.
  • Welcome Freelance GPs to stand for one of the five sessional GP posts (along with salaried GPs) on the LMC, and to attend the monthly LMC meetings and to put forward the views of the sessional GPs in Manchester.
  • Provide the opportunity for freelance GPs (in addition to sessional GP representatives on the LMC) to attend LMC meetings as observers and to serve on relevant working parties.
  • Provide regular up-to-date information about general practice via newsletters, “What’s on at the LMC” and the LMC website at www.manchesterlmc.co.uk.
  • Provide opportunity to attend LMC seminars designed specifically for general practice (e.g. effective meetings/negotiation skills etc. free of charge).
  • Encourage professional development.
  • Provide the opportunity to attend LMC Open evening meetings for all Manchester GPs on current topics (usually 2 – 3 per year)
  • Offer advice to freelance GPs who are considering joining a GP partnership or taking on a single-handed practice, to avoid possible pitfalls.  The LMC has produced a checklist of vital issues to be addressed before GPs join a partnership.
  • Endeavour to prevent the possible exploitation of freelance GPs.
  • Act as an impartial facilitator between subscribing GP practices and freelance GPs, in the event of a dispute.
  • Provide the means of entry to Medico/ Political Scene – subscribing to the LMC would enable freelance GPs to take part in GPC Elections –  LMC to GPC/BMA – Government.
  • Aid the recruitment crisis by attracting Freelance GPs to Manchester – persuading them to practice in the area.