About Manchester LMC

Manchester LMC is the statutory representative body for GPs and practices across the city of Manchester, representing around 360 GPs in 90 practices.

How Manchester LMC came about

When the National Insurance Bill was first introduced in 1911 no provision was made for GPs to participate in the administration of the new state health insurance scheme. The BMA was determined that the profession should have a voice in its day to day running. It ensured that locally elected committees of GPs (Local Medical Committees) were given statutory recognition in the 1911 National Insurance Act as the representative voice of the “panel” doctors.

The 1911 Act required the Local Insurance Committee (the forerunner of the NHS Executive Council, Family Practitioner Committee, Family Health Services Authority, Health Authorities and latterly PCTs) to consult all GPs on a wide range of matters via the LMC.

Our mission

We aim to represent and support Manchester GPs in their professional and contractual roles and to promote the wellbeing of present and future GPs.

Compassionate Fund

The LMC administers a Compassionate Fund for subscribers, which was set up many years ago, mainly for the benefit of needy members of the medical profession. Over the years, the criteria for making donations and grants have evolved. One of those criteria is to make bereavement grants to the spouse of any GP who has subscribed to the LMC, to help with immediate expenses. If you become aware of the death of any GP who has subscribed to Manchester LMC, and who has a surviving spouse, please let the LMC office know.

Throughout each year, the LMC receives requests for donations from local and medical charities. At the end of each financial year, once bereavement grants have been taken into account, a list of the requests is drawn up for the consideration of the LMC’s Executive and Finance Committee at their May meeting, and any remaining income earned from investments during the year is donated. All requests for donations are given equal consideration. If any person or organisation feels they have not been given due consideration or there are any concerns about any aspect of the Compassionate Fund the complaints policy will be followed.

Compassionate Fund Complaints Policy

All complaints, whether received in writing, by fax, email, or telephone, will be acknowledged in writing within 7 days of receipt at the LMC office.

The LMC Managing Director and Treasurer will investigate the complaint in the first instance and the complainant will receive the outcome of the investigation within 28 days of receipt of the complaint.

Should the complainant wish to appeal against the outcome of the investigation the Executive and Finance Committee will consider the complaint at their next following meeting.